HTML Project

Chapter: 2

Let's Create html website

Create Project Folder and home page
Create your project folder on desktop or where you want.
and give it name "FreeEducation" or what you want.

Open Notepad++

Click on "file" menu and hit "new" or hit ctrl+N on keyboard

Click on "file" menu and hit "Save As" or hit ctrl+Alt+S on keyboard

Select project folder(FreeEducation).
Give file name: "index.html"
set Save as type: "All types(*.*)"
this will be our Home Page

Write some html code in index.html file
or copy and paste the following code in it
and save index.html file
<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>my first web</title>
		<h1>WELCOME TO Free Education</h1>
		<p>Free Registration
		You can learn so many subjects here like...
		Bootstrap,html,php,css etc.
		You can ask questions here, as well as you can answer the questions asked by any other user
		You can also write blog to express your thoughts and views
		You can ask for help for project in any subject 
		You can also ask questions in Hindi</p>
its looks like this

Now it's time to see the result
go to project folder and open index.html file in your browser
(for example right click on it and open with firefox)
its looks like this

We done it

congratulation you have created your first webpage(home page) in html.
but its look so simple and boring.
don't worry we will make it charming