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good trait about BAD time


There’s a good trait of the ‘time’; no matter how good or bad, it always comes for going back from our lives, sometimes leaving unforgettable memories in our hearts.

We usually try to prevent good time from going back. We try to keep it always with our-selves, our lives. But this time, I prevented BAD time from going back, because

“Time gives me a blank check every day;

but it’s me who fills up less amount

for the reason none other than laziness...!!!”

I felt the same. What happens if a person who works till midnight falls ill and has to stay at home for rest for more than a month? He is bored, annoyed. When I was sick and had to stay for a month at home, instead of getting bored, annoyed, angry or hampering others, I just stopped this time, and lived the life of my desires with it.

First of all, I made a list of the things I want to do as a hobby not as a duty and which I can do even in this condition. And consequently, I happened to develop a website.

Even during this illness, you would see a sparkle of contentment; delight on my face… a contentment of doing something I like to do… a pleasure of acquiring something… a happiness of giving something to society…!!!

Anyone would ask me what benefit you would get from this whole thing of website. What am I actually giving the society by creating this website?

This website is very useful to each and every person like me who wants to do something new, to learn new things. Here you can learn many languages and that too very easy way, i.e. html, php, css, bootstrap, JAVA, Android etc…

This is a very good opportunity for the friends who want to make carrier in this field. But this website is beneficial to not only those carrier oriented students, but also to those who don’t know anything about these languages and want to learn for the sake of knowledge. They would get a huge benefit just by studying even an example given in the site.

Some features of the website:

  • Free registration
  • One can ask questions, as well as can answer the questions asked by other users.
  • Freedom of expressing oneself, thoughts, views in the form of blogs.
  • One can ask for help for any project of any subject.


  1. Hello sir, I am being ur fan now after read ur blog. Sir your thoughts are really brilliant. I was loss my confidence after failed 2 times in 12th exams. Now i am bca student first year but i was scared about exams...but ur blog give me strength to run in any situations. Thank u sir. I want always following ur blogs...plz.. Put ur next blog early.

  2. Thank u sir

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